Let's make online
learning more social.

SkillSocial is a social learning management system that makes running blended, cohort-based programs a breeze.

The social learning

SkillSocial is more than a platform to serve up learning content. It offers social features that encourage peer-learning, collaboration and interactivity.

learning feed

Our social learning feed keeps the conservation going between facilitated sessions by encouraging learners to ask and respond to content questions at anytime and review notifications and important updates.

collaboration rooms

Enable collaboration, mentoring and group projects through video chat Rooms that enable participants and facilitators to interact in realtime on embedded documents like Google Docs, Miro or Figma. 

and badging

SkillSocial offers fully customisable learner badges, as well as gamification through progress and completion awards. Learners can create a portfolio of completed assignments, awards and completion certifications.

Purpose-made for cohort-based, blended learning experiences.

SkillSocial has been created to meet the needs of the future of online learning.

It helps facilitators and program managers easily design and deliver blended, cohort-based programs that have collaboration and interaction at their core.

It is the perfect learning system for:

  • Accelerator programs
  • Leadership development programs
  • Online learning journeys
  • Project-based learning programs

Simply, powerful.

SkillSocial has all the features to reduce yourlearning admin and provide a best-in-class experience for your learners.


Easily create and manage self-paced content by combining videos, rich text, images and inline-resources.

& tasks

Embrace project-based learning by enabling participants to submit responses to tasks and recieve feedback from facilitators.


Rapidly create interactive quizzes that auto-mark themselves to reinforce key learning moments.


Create and assign fully customisable badges to reward learning milestones, progress and course completion.


Encourage peer-learning through video chat rooms that allow learners to collaborate in real-time.


Easily view recent activity through the learning feed, where you can see notifications, learner questions and recent assignment submissions.


Easily repurpose modules across different courses, helping to create a useful and reusable library of content.

and secure

SkillSocial is SSL encrypted, with all information securely stored on SkillSocial servers.


Keep your brand consistent by controlling the look and feel of your courses, including adding in brand logos and custom images.

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